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Magical View from Devbagh Beach at Sunset

A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

The last mile to any JLR property always gets exciting. You start experiencing the unique location their resorts are usually set at. The experience of reaching the Devbagh Beach Resort was no less. After driving through some curvy roads of a village near the resort, we reached a T-junction. The view at the junction was just so refreshing. Wide open Arabian Sea with dark clouds above and a lone house at the junction, as if all these elements were placed intentionally for a picture-perfect scene. On top of that, to give that adrenaline rush, strong wind brought in some fresh raindrops through our Car Window. We had brought our car to a halt to cherish the beautiful scene that got us on our toes after a ten-hour tiring long drive. (A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort)

Devbagh Beach
Devbagh Beach – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

The rain made sure that we kept moving. Within minutes it started bucketing down. We were still a kilometer away from the resort main gate. The phone rang and it said – Devbagh Beach Resort calling. This was the second time they were calling to check on us. The timing couldn’t have been better, we got the required heads up about the road ahead. The last one Kilometer is a little off-road driving, but a fairly easy one, through tall trees on both sides on a thick mud road. The sound of rain on the car bonnet and the roof felt rhythmic. As we moved further, it got darker and darker, thanks to the overpowering dark clouds and sky reaching trees.

About the Resort

Devbagh Beach Resort, yet another property by Jungle Lodges and Resorts, is situated along the secluded coastal lines of Karwar, in Uttar Karnataka. The resort lies in the Peninsula region formed by Kali River. However, it does touch base with the Arabian Sea forming a private beach for the resort. From the Resort, one can see the Kali River meeting the Arabian sea. From the private beach, one can see the Turtle shaped Island (Kurumgao lsland) and Oyester Light House at a distance in the Arabian sea.

Turtle shaped Island (Kurumgao lsland)
Turtle shaped Island (Kurumgao lsland) – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Sunset at the Devbagh Beach Resort

Sunset gets magical when viewed from the beach, with sun setting behind the hill formed by Kurumgao Island. Though, since we were here during the monsoon, sunset was not an option this time. But this was our second visit to the resort. We had visited here around the same time of the year, back in 2021, and weather was pleasant. Here are few pictures of the Sunset at the Devbagh beach from our 2021 visit.

Sunset at Devbagh Beach

Sunset at Devbagh Beach – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Magical View from Devbagh Beach at Sunset
Magical View from Devbagh Beach at Sunset – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

The resort has about 20 Log Huts spread across the beach. Each hut offers access to private beach experience. With loads of activities to offer, the resort is a perfect holiday destination one could think of. The food is served at Gol Ghar, a typical JLR style. There are beautiful jungle trails one could pick from as morning Nature Walk activity. Spend some quality time at the Beach or catch glimpse of beautiful Crabs at the Peninsular areas of the camp.

A usual day in the life of a Crab
A usual day in the life of a Crab – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Give a visit to Kalidwipa Mangrove Walk and also to the gorgeous Kali temple and hear amazing stories from the past by the highly talented naturalist from the camp “Dilkhush (Real name – Dilraj”. You can also consider visiting to the Mangrove Forest. Go for dolphin watching, snorkeling, Water sports, etc. Read on to know more about the resort through our story from the visit.

Arrival at the Resort

After driving through the thick forest in the heavy rain, we finally reached the main entrance of the Resort. Someone from the team guided us to the parking lot. They had shaded parking facility for the guests. Now was the time to face the actual rain, as we needed to walk to their office for check-in formalities. Then eventually to our room with all the luggage we had. As I got down, I was given a big, jungle print, Umbrella to walk to the office with them to complete the check-in formalities.

Devbagh Beach Resort Entrance
Devbagh Beach Resort Entrance – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

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A walk in the Rain

Walking in the rain, with an umbrella in hand, felt so raw and real. I wondered, how these small experiences, which used to be so common in the childhood days, seemed alien now. I intentionally stepped onto the patch of land covered with rainwater, to feel the mud and rainwater on my feet. Well, I did feel some of it, but not the way I wanted. In all the excitement, I totally forgot I was wearing shoes. Ended up allowing some water seep into my shoe wetting my socks.

A Walk in the Rain
A Walk in the Rain – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

After the basic formalities, I was handed over a JLR Brochure. The brochure had details about the 26 beautiful properties they have, spread across Karnataka, at pristine locations. I realized, we have already visited quite many of them, but still there are many more which I would love to add in my wish list.

JLR Brochure – A RENDEZVOUS WITH THE WILD – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Cottage Experience

Soon, we were standing in front of our Cottage, which was built on a height, with the help of multiple small pillars. In front of the cottage, you see a mini forest created by pine trees, giving that feeling of staying in a jungle. Further ahead, in front of the cottage, you have the sandy beach just little over 100 meters away. The JLR staffs were kind enough, to help in bringing all our luggage neatly from our Car to our new cottage. This cottage was going to be our home for the next three Nights. We spent some quality time in the little porch area of our cottage, listening to the sound of rain and sea waves hitting the beach. It felt so relaxing and meditative, helped me forget the 10 hr. plus long drive we just did from Bangalore to Karwar.

Devbagh Beach Resort - Cottage
Devbagh Beach Resort – Cottage – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

The room had two adjacent beds, neatly covered with blankets. An additional bed in the extended portion of the room. A huge bathroom, again, maintained clean and well. A large mirror in the room to make you feel homely. An electric kettle, to meet our never-ending tea/coffee demands, for Tea lovers like us. Despite of all this, soon we were spoiled by the over polite and courteous staffs trying to meet our non-demanding needs. Coffee at the cottage, followed by the invitation for the late lunch, due to our late arrival. Later in no time with some Pakoras / Chicken Tandoori and another set of Coffee to match the weather moods, followed by dinner served in the room itself.

Devbagh Beach Resort - Cottage Interior
Devbagh Beach Resort – Cottage Interior – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Curious Eyes!

After a long tiring drive in the rain, it did not take long for us to fall asleep. It was around 04:00 AM, that one of our alarms sounded. Somehow, I found myself dragging to get the morning green tea made. Nutan wanted to sit out in the porch area and enjoy her tea. But I was not ready yet, to leave the comfort of the soft blanket and the bed. I guess, I just wanted to lay still and think nothing. Have you ever felt the happiness of that sweet sleep, that you get as a bonus, after you had an early morning? My mind was trying to play that trick with me, as if I badly needed it. Before I could surrender to those sweet thoughts, Nutan started calling me, “come fast come fast“. And I was like why? What now?

Morning View from Porch
Morning View from Porch – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

She told me there are multiple curious eyes scanning our porch and trying to understand who / what it is looking back? I could think of only one thing, whose presence has been talked by many in the region. In no time, that sweet sleep thought became history. I immediately jumped out of the bed. Picked up my Sony, already attached to my long lens and rushed to the porch. Whenever I am in vacations like these, how tired or sleepy I may be, will never fail to ready my gear for the next day, before sleep. You never know what the situation will be the next day. You don’t want to make silly mistakes in rush while leaving for expeditions in the morning.

The Reveal

I couldn’t believe my eyes, never expected an encounter like this. I saw one close to our hut and looking back at us curiously with those cute little eyes. Another one came running and joined him in the process. Soon the first one was done and vanished in the darkness. For next 2 to 3 minutes, they kept coming and going. Running from one corner to another. Unfortunately, due to low light and mini forest in front, it was difficult to focus on them. Got a decent clip and some record shots of this amazing creature, Jackals.

Nutan told me, the one near the hut was a pup. He was extremely curious. There was a whole tribe hiding behind the other cottage beside ours. They all would come and go to the other side and then follow back the same path to go and hide behind the same cottage. In all this process, the little pup would always get stuck near our cottage to watch the activity in our hut. He must be wondering what these humans are doing out this early morning.

A Jackal near our Cottage
A Jackal near our Cottage – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Morning Coffee at Gol Ghar

It had started drizzling. We were ready to go out and explore the surroundings, but were desperately waiting for that JLR morning coffee with biscuits. Ideally, not a huge fan of biscuits, especially Nutan. But there is something different about the biscuits here. Perhaps old memories of our visit to other JLR properties in the past. A flashback to early morning Safaris of Kali River Adventure Camp or birding sessions of OMH, which got us into the world of Birds.

Pathway at Devbagh Beach Report
Pathway at Devbagh Beach Report – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

With coffee cups in our hand, we stood facing the sea, though little far from the beach. Enjoyed the view for a while and decided to walk closer to the beach. But how could we? Without getting another fill? We headed straight to get another cup of coffee. Walking to the beach, we discussed our options to spend the day. Should we go out or stay at the beach after breakfast. We were not sure if the boating as per schedule will happen due to rain.

Waves hitting the Beach at Devbagh
Waves hitting the Beach at Devbagh – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

A sumptuous breakfast

We usually end up eating a lot when at JLR, but this time we felt extremely hungry, even after we were spoiled by choices during the dinner previous night. The breakfast was arranged in a buffet style. When we entered the Gol Ghar this time, we had a familiar face welcoming us with folded hands and a big smile. It was Mr. Dilraj, the naturalist from our last visit. He had recognized us from our past visit, which was two years ago. He helped us in filling our plates with breakfast of our choices. Being a weekday, we did not have many guests. He told, after breakfast he will take us to a place different than last time. So, after breakfast, soon we were ready for the new adventure.

To be Continued

Our guide / naturalist happens to be an amazing storyteller. We were in a boat and the course was set for a new unknown location. En-route, our guide Mr. Dilkhush, showed us the Sadashivgadh Fort sitting atop a hillock. Though rain showers were intermittent, the fierce current would shake our boat at every wave. It was a tough fight between the boat and the waves. In the end, we reached our much-awaited destination. To our surprise, we reached a place beyond which boat cannot go forward due to shallow water. We were required to walk in the water. Fortunately, I was somehow ready for it this time. I was not wearing shoes, rather I had Clogs in my feet.

A walk in the Water
A walk in the Water – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort
Out in the Sea
Out in the Sea – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort

Watch this space to read the thrilling experience we had at this island. Coming soon!

Some Pictures from the events coming up in the next blog.

Devbagh Beach
A View from Devbagh Beach – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort
Bird's Eye View - Devbagh
Bird’s Eye View – Devbagh – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort
A wet Brahminy Kite
A wet Brahminy Kite – A Visit to Devbagh Beach Resort
The Perfectionist!
The Perfectionist!

Things to do at Devbagh

One can get spoiled by choices at Devbagh. Listing below for easy reference for those, who would not have time to go through the story:

  • Water activities like  (kayaking and Swimming are included in the package). Banana boat, Jet Ski, Speed Boat with Extra Cost. But non-monsoon period.
  • Water activities like  (kayaking and Swimming are included in the package). Banana boat, Jet Ski, Speed Boat with Extra Cost.
  • Visit Kumta for its amazing sandalwood craftsmanship.
  • The magnificent rock formations that tower the horizon of Yana are worth a visit.
  • Devbagh beach can be visited.
  • Visit the Mahabaleshwara Temple in Gokarna that dates way back into the age of the Ramayana and is regarded as one of India’s oldest and most sacred shrines.
  • The jungles near Devbagh are teeming with life. A trek is always rewarding.
  • A visit to INS Chapal Warship Museum.

  • One can also consider visiting Sadashivgadh Fort. JLR has another property there, Sadashivgadh Sea View Resort. One can travel back to 17

How to Reach Devbagh Beach Resort?

Just about 10 kms from Goa, over 500 Kms from Bangalore and about 600 plus kms from Mumbai, can be easily reached by road from these places. Roads are in excellent conditions for major portion of the route. Once in Karwar, the roads get excellent and extremely scenic. The monsoon added its own flavor making the journey unforgettable.

Stay tuned for a dedicated blog on “Bangalore to Devbagh/Karwar by Road”.

During our road trip, we took NH 48 after Chitradurga.

Best Time to Visit

Ideally the best time to visit Devbagh Beach Resort is between October to May. But, monsoon has its own magic. Though, Water sport activities are not available during this season, but for us that’s not a priority, so it did not make much difference.

Tariff of Devbagh Beach Resort

They have Beach Package and Day package.

Beach package includes Stay, Lunch, Candle light Dinner & Breakfast, Campfire with snacks, Nature walks with bird watching, Kayaking, Swimming, Boat ride with Dolphin Watching. Water sports / snorkeling at extra cost, GST 18%.

Tariff for the Beach Package is : Rs. 7,080 per person on Twin sharing before Taxes

Day Package – Visit to Devbagh , Welcome Drinks, Buffet lunch, Kayaking, Swimming, Boating, Evening Tea/Coffee at beach.

Tariff for the Day Package – Rs. 1,770 per person. (Water Sports activities with extra charges)

Gears used

Sony A7M3

Sony Fe 200-600Mm F/5.6-6.3 G OSS Telephoto Zoom Lens (White)

Canon EOS 80D

Canon 10-18 mm EFS Lens – A fantastic lens, though not so famous, is a beast.

Sigma Sports 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras (Black)

Go-Pro Hero Black 7

Iphone 11 Pro and Iphone 13 for wide shots

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