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Bangalore Mysore ExpressWay

Bangalore to Mysore on Mysore Expressway

Whether you are travelling to Mysore or Ooty from Bangalore, one thing that becomes the talk of the town is the Mysore Expressway. And why should it not? After all, this is such an important addition to the Karnataka Roads. In this blog, I will be covering about the route options available for traveling to Mysore by Car and even by bike/ two-wheeler.

Route 1: Via Mysore Expressway (NH275)

Traveling to Mysore, always brings a different kind of excitement. We travelled here to witness Dussehra. The energy level while traveling to Mysore is absolutely blissful. Perhaps for the reason we were traveling and definitely something to do with the extremely scenic route and drive experience one gets on the expressway.

Map Mysore Expressway
Map Mysore Expressway

Mysore via NH275 i.e. via Mysore Expressway saves about an hour and a half of drive compared to the only option available earlier via Kanakapura road. Though, there is not much change in the distance required to travel (hardly 15 kms difference), but still, one gets to save an additional hour and a half when travelling via Mysore Expressway compared to Kanakapura Road. And you can imagine, Why? The drive experience is smooth on the roads maintained in an excellent condition.

Bangalore Mysore ExpressWay
Bangalore Mysore ExpressWay

When travelling from Bangalore, you can take Nice Road and exit onto NH48 to join NH275 i.e. Bangalore-Mysore Expressway toll road. There are a total of two Toll Plazas where travelers will have to pay the charges.

Toll Plaza 1: Kaniminike Toll Plaza

The toll fee here is Rs. 165/- for Cars/ SUVs/ Jeeps/ Van for a single journey. But, if you happen to return within 24 hrs, then for return journey it will be Rs. 250/-. This, route, however, cannot be used by bikes. They are not permitted on the Expressway. One can take the Service Road running in parallel to the Expressway, though.

Refer below chart for a comparison of old vs new charges, which became effective from 01-July-2023.

Toll Charges Bangalore-Mysore Expressway
Toll Charges-Bangalore-Mysore Expressway

Toll Plaza 2: Bengaluru – Mysuru Toll Booth Phase 2 (Gananagooru Toll Plaza)

The toll fee here is Rs. 155/- for Single journey and Rs. 235/- for return journey. Monthly pass can be taken for Rs. 5185/- for CARs/ Jeeps.

Gananaguru Toll Charges
Gananaguru Toll Charges

Total Toll charges for NH 275:

165 + 155 = Rs. 320

Let me put some basic questions that you may have when travelling to Mysore via Bangalore Mysore Express Way.

What is the distance between Bangalore to Mysore via Mysore Expressway – NH275?

The distance between Bangalore to Mysore via Bangalore-Mysore Expressway NH275 is just about 145 Kms.

Is Bangalore Mysore Expressway an Expressway?

No, Mysore Expressway is popularly known as Bangalore-Mysore Expressway, but it is actually a National Highway. It is NH 275.

Is there any toll charge for Mysore Expressway?

Yes and it is Rs. 165 till Ganangooru Toll Plaza and Rs. 155 additional for the remaining journey till Mysore. Total fee: Rs. 320.

How long it takes to reach Mysore from Bangalore via Mysore Expressway?

Around 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Are bikes / two wheelers allowed on Bangalore Mysore Expressway?

No, bikes or two wheelers are not allowed on the Bangalore Mysore Expressway. However, bikers can use the service lane which runs parallel for most of the route from Bangalore to Mysore.

How long it takes to reach Mysore from Bangalore by bike via Mysore Road?

About 4 hours.

How is the road condition from Bangalore to Mysore?

Excellent, if you are travelling via Bangalore Mysore Expressway. Average, if you are traveling via Kanakapura road.

Which is the fastest route for Bangalore to Mysore?

Bangalore Mysore Expressway – NH275 is the fastest route to Mysore from Bangalore. It takes 2 hrs 45 min to reach Mysore via the Expressway.

How long is Bangalore Mysore Expressway?

Bangalore Mysore Expressway is 119 Km long elevated access controlled 10 lane National Highway.

What is the speed limit of Mysore Expressway?

The speed limit is 100 kmph and not the standard 120 kmph for expressways.

Are there any speed cameras installed on Mysore Expressway?

Yes, there are AI powered cameras installed on the Bangalore Mysore Expressway.

What is over speeding fine on Mysore Expressway?

A fine of Rs. 1000/- will be imposed on those who drive beyond the permitted speed limit for the expressway.

Route 2: Via Kanakapura Road

This is another route option available for travelers traveling from Bangalore to Mysore or Ooty. The road conditions are average but gets scenic from time to time. You may experience heavy traffic in some parts of the route. Less taken by regular travelers to Mysore.

How much is the distance one has to travel from Bangalore to Mysore via Kanakapura Road (NH948)

155 Km, which is just about 10 additional kms compared to Bangalore – Mysore Expressway.

How is the condition of Kanakapura road?

Roads are ok, not buttery smooth like the Expressway. Few sections of the route are single lane which makes the drive experience unpleasant, specially during traffic.

Is Kanakapura Road recommended to travel to Mysore from Bangalore?

There is no harm in travelling to Mysore via Kanakapura road, but since the drive experience is not smooth, plus takes additional 1.5 hrs, this is not the recommended route.

Our Journey to Mysore

We traveled to Mysore to experience Dussehra and it was such a pleasant experience. Mysore is famous for Mysore Palace and it’s gorgeous lightings during Dussehra. But, it is not limited to the lightings. There is Dussehra parade, which we were not aware, that requires booking months ago. For obvious reasons, we couldn’t get hold of the tickets to enjoy the real Mysore Dussehra, but city has a lot to offer. There are plenty to explore and do in and around the city.

Mysore Palace - Dussehra
Mysore Palace – Dussehra

Coming back to the journey, since this is not a long journey, we started somewhere around 08:30 AM and reached our destination around 12:00. The drive experience through, Mysore expressway was just amazing. Buttery smooth roads, gets quite scenic enroute, especially during Sunset on the return journey. There is something about driving on the endless roads, it just makes you forget about all the materialistic load that we carry in our day-to-day life. It is more like deep meditation.

Places to stay in Mysore

Being a nature photographer, it always feels little compromising when it comes to staying in a concrete jungle during a vacation. So, booked my stay near to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, which was not so far from Mysore and yet offers a feel of staying close to Nature. The hotel we stayed at was KSTDC Hotel Mayura at Seringapatam. This hotel is situated at the bank of Cauveri River. Decent stay, clean and spacious rooms, overall a good stay.

Other options:

Lalitha Mahal Palace by JLR – Semi Luxury

Saffron Stays Riverstone – Luxury Hotel

Coming up, Things to do in Mysore.

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